Tree Models Volume 3

180 fully Optermized Trees

Low Vram, Low Ram

Simple Work Flow

Octane, Fstorm, Corona Supported

Including seamless wind effects

Fast render speed


180 trees + 180 winds


Volume 3 Tree Models


Why choose AnyDrift TreeModels??

Download Sample PDF from Here

1. 180 tree models + its own winds(180 seamless looping winds)

2. Full render engine supported

  • Octane(GPU), Fstorm(GPU), Corona(CPU), Standard(build in) Format
  • less texture counts, less vram usage, less memory usage
  • Low poly, mid poly, high poly included
  • Seamless looping winds

3. Including Mat library, one click changing material with many leaf variations

4. Full Octane render engine supported, no matter what version you gonna use, we fully supported(including octane 1.2a to 2.32.2-1.9, octane 2.3 to latest 3.x version)

5. Full Fstorm render supported

6. Not only optimized for GPU renderer, but also saving lots of compute power for CPU renderer(saving memory in Corona render)




Finally C4D format with Wind animation Included! Happy realtime rendering!

1. For 3ds max 2011-14 only , support Standard, Octane1.2a-1.55b, Octane1.55b-2.23.2-1.9, Octane2.3-latest3.x, Fstorm0.2.5-latest, Corona1.4-latest only!

2. Download the PDF file to get more detail!! (Click Here to download the PDF)

3. If u find any problem, please contact me via email!